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What is the delivery time of IDO?

As soon as you have agreed with the diamond facilitated by us then after received your payment, we ship the diamonds to you. IDO facilitates high-quality diamond made by hand with special craftsmen., A purchase will usually be shipped the next working day after the finalising and delivered within 1 to maximum 8 working days within Belgium and most European countries, and 4 to 10 working days in the rest of the world.IDO promises to deliver the diamonds as soon as possible to its customers all over the world. In very few cases, loose diamond can be immediately taken with you after a visit to our office, if we would have the loose diamond in stock. We facilitate all quality,sizes and conflict free natural polished diamond at IDO can be found on

Where can i view the diamonds I find online?

Visit our Antwerp office to have a closer look at our diamonds you found online. We will help you in your exciting quest for diamonds that suits you perfectly. In all discretion, you'll be guided in the diamond selection you found online and purchase.

Please note that office visits are on appointments only. To arrange an appointment please contact us..........................

What diamonds does IDO supply?

IDO only offers 100% natural diamonds. This means no treated, artificial or clarity intensified diamonds.

IDO only works together with the most renowned certificates of the diamond industry worldwide: GIA, HRD & IGI.

IDO has a zero-tolerance policy towards conflict diamonds. We only facilitate diamonds through the most respected diamond manufacturers.

What do the prices found on the website include?

Prices & taxes payable to IDO depend on the country of destination (country where the purchased items have to be delivered).

Prices shown on are calculated depending on the EU countries .

If the product needs to be delivered in a country other than the EU, you can use the VAT-table on the right top corner of the webpage to change the VAT.

Clients within the EU

Prices will be increased with the appropriate VAT rate of Belgium, which is 21%, except for Germany where the local VAT of 19% is applicable and France where the local VAT of 20% is applicable.

Clients outside the EU

Prices payable remain exclusive VAT. Thus no VAT is applicable, but most countries apply on delivery a border tax and/or local taxes, which our clients have to pay to the delivery courier. offers you information on border and local taxes. Click here to see our indicative tax calculator for most common non EU countries.

No other costs will be added to your bill. Shipment, packing and insurances are covered

What are the advantages of buying diamond jewellery online?

How easy is it to buy diamonds online?

Is the online selection extensive?

What quality can I expect to receive via a web shop?

What difference does buying diamonds online make in terms of price?

Nowadays, the importance of online shopping is undeniable. Why not buy your diamonds online, then? How can I find the perfect diamond via a website? At the online, you get one of the best prices, extensive collections and professional guidance, without having to journey to Antwerp.

How easy is it to buy diamonds online?

The greatest luxury with buying diamonds online is simply how fast it is. You make your choice, fill in your details and place your order with one click of your mouse. Everything can be done on your own personal computer and at a time that suits you best. It is not only faster, it is also easier to find diamond online. In 2017, at least 17% of all Belgian purchases were, with good reason, made through an online platform. And this number increases annually.

You do not have to leave your home or your office, face traffic jams or secure a parking spot to visit the diamond district in Antwerp. 24/7, you can buy your diamonds online and compare prices at your leisure, without any obligation to purchase. Is the online selection extensive?

Online, you can find the largest collection of diamond jewellery, from detailed necklaces to beautiful diamond rings. The IDO web shop offers a more extensive selection than most physical shops can display. With our services you are sure to find the perfect diamond. Moreover, you also have the possibility of viewing this diamond in one of our physical office before you decide to purchase.

Did you not find what you were looking for in our extensive collection? Feel free to contact IDO.

What quality can I expect to receive via a web shop?

The answer is simple: the quality you will receive via a web shop is exactly the same as with your physical jeweller. Our online collections are offered on demand. Moreover, with every qualitative diamond, you will receive a GIA, IGI or HRD certificate. These confirm the high quality of your precious stone and guarantee the conflict free origin of your diamond as well. What difference does buying diamonds online make in terms of price?

You can find your high quality jewellery from exclusive Belgian designonline at the best possible prices. These prices are not only lower because of major competition, but also because a website requires a lot less upkeep compared to a physical store.

Buying your diamonds online can save you up to 30% or 50%. It is also easier to compare prices between different traders or shops and it allows you to be serviced with one of the best deals worldwide. IDO chooses to invest in efficiency and avoid unnecessary intermediaries. No expensive marketing campaigns, luxurious offices or boutiques. Instead, you receive the best possible price right from the start.

Where can I browse through the online collection immediately? How do I find the perfect diamond? Ask our IDO diamond experts for special requirement advice.

Can the prices listed on the website change over time?

The prices on are always best. IDO facilitates its diamonds at the source (contrary to most jewellers or traders, who do it through many intermediates) and works with tiny margins (contrary to most jewellers or traders, who apply heavy mark ups to recover their high brick & mortar overheads), therefore we have to adapt our prices regularly due to constant currency and material price changes.

When you choose to pay for your diamond jewel by bank wire, please keep in mind that the validity of the quotation is limited as clearly stated in the intention to purchase. Therefore, we invite you to perform the payment as soon as possible, since this specific quotation will expire when this date has passed.

In case of any questions, please contact us through

Why are IDO prices better compared to my local others?

IDO has a very specific way of working compared to others. IDO only invests in efficiency, and does everything possible to avoid unnecessary intermediaries. By avoiding expensive marketing campaigns, large stocks, luxurious offices and retail outlets, we can offer BEST prices. Therefore, our prices are in direct correlation with the quality of the products on offer.

A classic local jeweller is not able to purchase their diamonds at the source, since they don’t have the expertise nor the experience of the IDO founder. The IDO founders are 2ND generation diamantairs, who can cater their beautiful diamonds of required quality directly at the source where diamonds are cut. A local jeweller purchases diamonds locally (for example in Antwerp) from local diamond dealers that in turn purchase their diamonds from wholesalers. The diamond passes various middlemen which adds to the final purchasing price. This has the consequence that their prices will be much higher for diamonds of the same quality, since these extra costs need to be covered.

Furthermore, IDO builds a  fast growing customer base around the world in a cost-efficient way, because of the fact that more than 90% of its customers buy online (through our 8-language E-boutique, where customers can pay in US$ or EURO and via bank payment methods). IDO has the unique possibility to offer diamond jewellery at an exceptional price-quality to its customers who purchase directly through the website, as well as to customers who choose to visit the office in Antwerp. Also in our office, we don’t have any stocks we only provide diamonds after reception of the client’s payment.

Are your prices negotiable?

Choosing for IDO means choosing for top quality at excellent prices. Therefore, our prices are not negotiable.

Why does IDO have the best price/quality for fine diamond?

We provide outstanding quality , but also in efficiency and do everything possible to avoid unnecessary intermediaries. No expensive marketing campaigns, luxurious offices and retail outlets. Our investment will be immediately seen in the IDO. IDO is based in Antwerp, renowned since 1447 as world centre of the diamond trade. Over half of the world's diamond trade takes place in Antwerp. We at IDO are providing their diamonds directly from the best suppliers of the world.

IDO facilitates its diamonds directly from the source, and sells on-line and in its offices to the client.

Direct buying and selling, avoiding the middleman, combined with a strict stock management, allows IDO to offer the best and largest selection at the best price-quality ratio.

In short, IDO promises its clients that its best prices as possible

Do you also guarantee the best price/quality?

From the wide range of diamond we offer, for which we will provide you a personal quote.

In this tailor-made service, IDO will also offer you top quality at the best possible price.

The ‘IDO Best Possible Price is possible because we facilitate diamonds directly from the source, and sell exquisite diamond collection on-line or in our office to the client. In other words, our diamonds, all of which are conflict-free, come to us directly from the manufacturer that polished them. This enables us to bypass the usual journey of diamonds – from the diamond mine, to the diamond manufacture , to a wholesaler.

In short:

- We invest in efficiency and do everything possible to avoid unnecessary intermediaries.

- No expensive marketing campaigns, luxurious offices and retail outlets. Our investment will be immediately seen in our products.

- Direct buying and selling, combined with a strict stock management, allows IDO to offer the best and largest selection at the best price-quality ratio.

- IDO promises its clients that its prices are in direct correlation with the quality of the products on offer

Is diamond shopping benefit me?

It is entirely based on whether anyone is spending in a diamond product itself, or in actually what the diamond products represent.

Even though it is based on various factors, but the diamond costs are increased steadily.  They also tend to securely hold their better value. It is very impossible that it will ever lose its value despite how the future market may change. Though, no one will predict, with better confidence which manner the future market will hand. In general, it is not advised to choose diamond as the major portion of your retirement/financial plan.

In any instance, if you seek an excellent symbol of love and source of loveliness, you can opt for diamond. As a beautiful and timeless present to your loved ones, a diamond product is a wonderful investment.

What are the common cutting styles and popular shapes of diamond?

Now, there are roughly about ten different shapes of diamonds available in the present market. Some of them turn into very popular because of the changes in both fashion and consumer tastes. When it comes to the triangle cut, it is a popular shape.  Still, it can be considered as an appealing choice to everyone who is seeking exquisite choices.

Ideally, the round shaped diamonds provides the light performance and best sparkle when compared with other kinds of shapes. Cushion cut also gets more fame among diamond lovers.

How I watch the diamonds closely?

It is recommended to visit the Antwerp office where you can get an extremely close look at the diamonds which are found online. Our support team will guide you in finding the highly appropriate one according to your individual needs. It is important to know that you need to book appointments before visiting the office.

What types of diamonds can I find in your store?

We deliver only natural diamonds to our clients.  It is because IDO works with highly renowned and most popular certificates of the global diamond industry. It includes IGI, GIA, and HRD. Most significantly, we do not comprise on the quality of diamonds.  IDO facilitates the diamonds and other products through the trusted diamond manufacturers.

What about the diamond cost?

It is mandatory for every consumer to pay both the taxes and prices to IDO based on their existing destination.  ICO updates the prices online which are based on the EU nations. The customers from other countries are suggested to use VAT-table available on our website. It is good news for everyone that our insurances, shipment, and packing are covered.

How to find the best deal online?

Online shopping plays a major role in buying almost every kind of product and even service.   It is because online websites offer a broad range of products. If you want to buy IDO diamonds online, you need to check the professional guidance, price details, and diamond collection before making any decision.

Is it easy for me to buy diamonds online?

Yes, it is because the online diamond buying process is entirely based on how you make the choice, how fast you fill the details and how fast you place the orders. Everything is done on the computer from your comfort zone and at a convenient time. This online buying process is not just faster but also simpler to discover diamond online. The IDO online is available for 24/7, so you can look at the diamonds and also compare the prices to make an informed decision.

What about the online diamond selection of IDO?

In general, you can easily discover an extensive selection of jewelry items that range from rings to earrings. We at IDO online supply an extensive collection of diamond products. It ensures that you find the suitable diamond online. If you want to make your diamond shopping safer, you can book an appointment to the physical office before spending your cash.

Do I get quality diamond through online?

The online collections of IDO are provided on demand. If you buy a qualitative diamond from IDO, you will grab HRD, GIA or IGI certificate. It ensures that you get only the superior quality diamond.

Can the cost details available on IDO online change over time?

IDO online always offers the best prices. The platform facilitates its every diamond at the source and works with small margins hence it needs to adapt the cost constantly because of constant material price and currency changes.

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