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Diamond Color

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Over 90% of all gem diamonds have a basically yellowish color. The intensity can vary from nearly colorless, which is preferable, to decidedly yellow. The value of a white stone is higher than that of a yellowish stone. However, diamonds can also have a distinct orange, brown, pink, green or blue color. These color diamonds can be extremely valuable.

The color grade describes the color tones in a stone. D is perfectly colorless, which is rare and expensive. The color scale goes from D to Z and indicates yellow and brown tones. It takes a trained eye to distinguish between shades that are close together, but an untrained eye see the difference between shades that are several tones apart with a little practice.

DColorless – Highest color grade your diamond can achieve. This color emits unequaled brilliance, and is extremely rare.

EColorless – Only extremely small traces of color can be identified by an expert gemologist. Also extremely rare.

FColorless – Slight color detected by an expert gemologist, but still considered a “colorless” grade. A high-quality diamond.

GNear Colorless – Noticeable color only when compared to higher color grades. Excellent value, as it appears colorless to the untrained eye.

HWhite color. virtually colorless also an excellent value.

ISlightly detectable color.

JSlightly tinted white.

KTinted White.

LTinted White.

MTinted White.

N-ZTinted – Not offered at

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